Sample application

Sample application


Application for an auction


What data are included in the application for auction:

1) Information about the Applicant(s);

2) Auction subject, indicating whether it is an original or a copy;


3) Short description of the auction subject and technical data (if any);


4) Opening bid (starting price);


5) Information about the Seller of the auction subject (one of the applicants or the other, if the applicant is a trustee), his contact details and the address where possible get acquainted with the subject of the auction;


6) The base, which gives the applicant (s) the right to handle the auction subject (ownership, power of attorney, etc.)


7) The fee (if installed) for reviewing the auction subject and its documentation before the auction;


8) Whether you agree with the descending opening bid (step) in the cases prescribed by these regulations; The rate of descending step; indicate the reserve price of a descending auction;


9) Details of payment account, on which payment for the purchase of auction subject will be transferred after the sale and the rest of the sum of the pledge, after deduction of commissions;


10) Special conditions of the auction if will be installed (if different from the above conditions in the regulations).


Upon request, the applicant may attach Certificate examination (if any) to the application for the auction, which confirms that the auction subject is the original or a copy of an author or manufacturer.

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